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think-rup-tor (noun):

An entrepreneur who wants to change the world

Thinkruptor is a new magazine celebrating tech disruptors and shining a spotlight on up-and-coming entrepreneurs. We want to give you the keys to success – practical, actionable advice straight from the world’s most inspiring industry leaders.

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What is Thinkruptor?

Yep, we invented a word. Because just like our magazine, we couldn’t find an alternative that fit the bill. You see, we know that as an entrepreneur, you need more than motivational quotes and pie-in-the-sky, conceptual talk (read our manifesto here).

Thinkruptor aims to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality by drilling down deep into the systems and mindsets of the world’s best business leaders. This is a community where you can ask questions, get advice, and make (the right) connections. We act as a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs.

Here’s how.

Interviews with leaders

We’re talking to industry game changers about their journey to the top, from how they secured funding to the challenges they’ve had to overcome. And we’re asking for the nuts and bolts: the tools, hacks and practices that they’ve picked up along the way. So you can replicate their success.

Building a community

We know that being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. So we’re creating a support network. From an online community to networking events in the real world, we’re bringing entrepreneurs together so you can share battle stories and source the help and advice you need.

Connecting money and ideas

You’ve heard the stats about the startup failure rate, and funding is a common roadblock. We want to introduce investors to exciting business opportunities by profiling and promoting new startups – and get more great ideas off the ground. But that’s just the start, watch this space.

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