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4 Non-US cloud startups to keep an eye on in 2018

The vast majority of startups and established cloud companies that received any significant funding over the last year are, unsurprisingly, based in the US. As expected, Silicon Valley cloud startups are getting the bulk of the attention and cash, although there are a few startups making waves half a world away from California. (more…)

Why entrepreneurs and investors need a dedicated quarterly magazine

When Thinkruptor first launched, we saw it as a monthly magazine for seasoned tech entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

With a motley crew of angel investors, business consultants, and media professionals behind it, we realized there was very little in-depth content aimed specifically at us. Initially, we thought a monthly magazine would do the trick. We were wrong. (more…)

Basic design language that every entrepreneur should know

We’re going to make a bold claim – design and branding have never been more important than in the age of the internet. Understanding design basics and best practices when starting or running a business, in today’s day and age, is just as important as understanding business models or overhead and accounting. (more…)

The one skill every business leader should have

Leadership is something we’ve defined and redefined time and again, over centuries. Various types and sizes of leadership roles often change with the times. Whatever our definition, only a few characteristics and skills remain the backbone of what makes a leader a leader – and one of those skills stands out among the rest. (more…)

In the new February issue of Thinkruptor Magazine

When we set out to create Thinkruptor, a magazine for entrepreneurs and investors that would showcase and foster groundbreaking ideas and change minds, we never assumed how much it would teach us and change our own perspective of the world we live in. And we’ve only published two issues so far.

From here on in, Thinkruptor will be a quarterly magazine, with loads of in-depth white papers, reports, and other goodies to be expected between each issue. But more about that later.

Before we get into exposing our devious plans for 2018, let us run through what we’ve explored and whom we’ve spoken to for our February issue of Thinkruptor Magazine. (more…)

18 Amazing world locations where startup founders can (and should) go on workation

With a growing global remote workforce, busy startup founders and entrepreneurs might be missing a vital piece of the big picture. While the first years of operating a successful startup can be chock full of riveting moments and business travel, it also means plenty of sleepless nights and no vacation time. (more…)

Applying Blockchain Technology in Foreign Aid and International Development

2017 was a major breakout year for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. From the explosion in ICO projects to the mainstream frenzy around cryptocurrency prices, blockchain technology and its application has dominated the conversation among multiple sectors. (more…)

Why seasoned investors invest in what they know best

For years, there have been rumors that big business leaders like Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett “don’t like tech.” While we’ve seen industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google grow magnificently and seize markets in the past two decades, some financial leaders have remained under the radar, at least in terms of investing in technology. (more…)

Is Airbnb ready for an IPO?

In late January, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky took to Twitter to announce that the company would “be sharing the biggest changes” to its platform in 10 years and would embrace what he’s calling an “infinite time horizon.” One of the largest tech unicorns to date seems to be preparing for what could be the biggest IPO of 2018. (more…)

How the best startups are cashing in on branding

Some of the best startups in recent years are also among the few, rare new brands gaining phenomenal traction on global markets in just years or months – by nailing their branding right there on the pitch deck when looking for startup funding. (more…)