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Issue 3: June 2018

This issue of Thinkruptor Magazine focuses on building successful teams and products. From integrity to leadership, we explore tips from successful working entrepreneurs and experts.


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— HeroX co-founder and CEO Christian Cotichini talks about what it takes to grow four consecutive successful startups and why the tech industry’s ‘Wild West’ days with privacy matters are over.

— We talk sop with Silicon Valley’s master of product and author of ‘Inspired: How to Create Products Customers Love’ Marty Cagan about innovation, talent management, and how Lean and Agile are changing.

— Retired Navy SEAL and founder of character-based executive coaching program Impact Actual Rob DuBois gives us his take on integrity and what it means in business and life.

— Melrose PR CEO Kelley Weaver explains blockchain for business, leading us through improvements to trust, transparency and security.

— We dive into Fran Hauser‘s new book, ‘The Myth of the Nice Girl’, from a personal perspective, continuing the discussion that Hauser started – how can women balance being both nice and ambitious in the workplace?

— Tips for digital communications for distributed teams from HeroX.

— We explore gadgets, apps and tools that every entrepreneur needs today, including Wacom’s Bamboo Folio Smartpad digital notebook.

— Our round-up of 15 must-attend industry events on four continents over the next three months.