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Issue 2: February 2018

This issue is packed with advice, tips and tools for tech entrepreneurs and investors, including:


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— Techstars founder and leading VC Brad Feld talks pitching, the biggest misconceptions people have about VCs, and why he thinks the claim that tech entrepreneurs need to be based in Silicon Valley is bogus.

— Serial entrepreneur, investor and best-selling author James Altucher on what he says is the most important skill people need today – an aptitude for reinvention

— Appster CEO Josiah Humphrey shares the insights he’s learned as a young entrepreneur facing crises, from fraudulent partners to mass staff walkouts.

— Tips for protecting your intellectual property

— Business basics every entrepreneur needs to have sorted

— Inspiring startup stories, including a new app harnessing the power of crowdsourced data and deep learning to make identifying plants a snap, software for overcoming workplace bias and a new platform that is helping museums drag their technology offering out of the past.’

— The top global events for tech entrepreneurs and investors

— Our round-up of the most exciting new products for entrepreneurs, all created by startups