The Thinkruptor Manifesto | The New Magazine for Tech Investors & Entrepreneurs


Thinkruptor is a magazine for tech entrepreneurs, investors and startups, where we explore and share insight into the steps that lead to business success. But that’s just the start.

Looking Forward

Thinkruptiveness* is a way of looking at the world. It’s thinking outside the box. It’s about exploring and cultivating the mindset that leads to – that can be done better.

Our goal is simple. We want to talk to the world’s best and brightest and dive deep.

Sure, it’s nice knowing Sir Branson always opts for a high-fibre breakfast and Barbara Corocan likes to punch out a 50-mile bike ride before a pyramid mediation session. But we want more and we think others do too. The nuts and bolts of it all.

We want to share practical advice that, when put into action, will provide jet-pack propulsion to any business and any entrepreneur. Our aim is to get under the skin of success.

Business Leaders for the New Age

Just like the success stories you’ll find in our pages, we’re setting the bar high. We’re talking to the men and women who are redefining success as they disrupt their own communities or entire industries.

The game changers. The tech entrepreneurs who are altering the way we live, work and perceive the world around us. The Thinkruptors.

We’re creating a magazine for anyone who has ever thought: but how EXACTLY did you make that happen? Our readers have skin in the game. They’ve moved beyond conceptual, pie-in-the-sky planning, and are hungry for advice that can help them take immediate action.

They’re looking for the special sauce and we want to help, by talking to industry leaders and asking the right questions.

By cutting the fluff and getting to the practical advice. By connecting investors to bright business ideas. By creating a community where questions are answered, advice provided and networks made. By encouraging logical disruption. By celebrating the Thinkruptors.

*Yes, we made up a word. Our apologies to Merriam Webster, but we looked for a word to describe the mindset necessary to succeed in real world business of the 21st century and we just couldn’t find one. So we took two that we could find and we put them together. We thought about it and decided to disrupt the English language – we thinkrupted.

Would you like to have your business profiled in Thinkruptor? We’re on the hunt for great startups.