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Thinkruptor Book Review: Exploring ‘The Myth of the Nice Girl’

To any woman working in a business environment, reading Fran Hauser’s new book The Myth of the Nice Girl will be a deeply personal experience. It can’t not be. Though Hauser is not the average woman in business, she tells a story that every woman is intimately familiar with. In this, her debut book, she writes about what we all know, seldom tell anyone, and have only recently started speaking out openly about.

Blockchain 101 – Crypto Decrypted by Melrose PR


For more about blockchain technology from Melrose PR experts, download the latest issue of Thinkruptor Magazine.

by Kelley Weaver, CEO of Melrose PR


Thinkruptor Magazine Issue 3: From Creating Products That Customers Love to Building Teams That Work

The newest issue of Thinkruptor Magazine has, quite literally, been a long time coming.

As of this year – and now with our third issue published – Thinkruptor is a quarterly magazine that features, speaks to, and discusses what we like to call the modern, working entrepreneur. (more…)

Character: What You Have When You Have Nothing Else – #MisterImpact

Character. This bedrock of success can be defined as “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Let’s be clear here. “Mental”, in this case, is totally separate and distinct from intellect or intelligence. Brilliant people have orchestrated genocides. Brilliant people have driven off cliffs while distracted, been mugged while unaware of their surroundings, and invented idiotic and dangerous contraptions. More than one brilliant person has won a Darwin Award. (more…)

Jason Calacanis’s Top Tips for Angel Investors

In the world of tech investments, Jason Calacanis needs no introduction. Having founded his first company in the dot-com era and making a name for himself as an angel investor in the early days of the industry, the 46-year-old has bagged six unicorns to date, including Uber and Thumbtack, racking up a personal fortune in the ballpark of $125m. (more…)

Good email habits make founders more approachable (and better at networking)

One of the downfalls of having a successful career is that we begin to lose touch with current events and popular culture.

We may become exceptionally knowledgeable in a certain field but, in focusing on one area and with what is usually a chock full 12-hour schedule ahead of us every day, we increasingly risk missing out on whatever is evolving in our industry and the world. It’s the curse of the absent-minded professor – the most respected experts in any field tend to be entirely oblivious to most other things happening around them. (more…)

How creative office spaces boost productivity and loyalty

One thing both startups and established international corporations have in common is trying to increase productivity and incite innovation. A major factor in achieving this over the past several years has been figuring out which workspaces work best.

In the next quarterly issue of Thinkruptor Magazine, we’ll be touching on the subject of managing today’s startup staff and product teams and asking a few experts for advice on this. In the meantime, we took a look at how some growing companies are applying creativity in office spaces to be more successful. (more…)

4 Non-US cloud startups to keep an eye on in 2018

The vast majority of startups and established cloud companies that received any significant funding over the last year are, unsurprisingly, based in the US. As expected, Silicon Valley cloud startups are getting the bulk of the attention and cash, although there are a few startups making waves half a world away from California. (more…)

Why entrepreneurs and investors need a dedicated quarterly magazine

When Thinkruptor first launched, we saw it as a monthly magazine for seasoned tech entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

With a motley crew of angel investors, business consultants, and media professionals behind it, we realized there was very little in-depth content aimed specifically at us. Initially, we thought a monthly magazine would do the trick. We were wrong. (more…)

Basic design language that every entrepreneur should know

We’re going to make a bold claim – design and branding have never been more important than in the age of the internet. Understanding design basics and best practices when starting or running a business, in today’s day and age, is just as important as understanding business models or overhead and accounting. (more…)