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How creative office spaces boost productivity and loyalty

One thing both startups and established international corporations have in common is trying to increase productivity and incite innovation. A major factor in achieving this over the past several years has been figuring out which workspaces work best.

In the next quarterly issue of Thinkruptor Magazine, we’ll be touching on the subject of managing today’s startup staff and product teams and asking a few experts for advice on this. In the meantime, we took a look at how some growing companies are applying creativity in office spaces to be more successful. (more…)

Why seasoned investors invest in what they know best

For years, there have been rumors that big business leaders like Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett “don’t like tech.” While we’ve seen industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google grow magnificently and seize markets in the past two decades, some financial leaders have remained under the radar, at least in terms of investing in technology. (more…)

How the best startups are cashing in on branding

Some of the best startups in recent years are also among the few, rare new brands gaining phenomenal traction on global markets in just years or months – by nailing their branding right there on the pitch deck when looking for startup funding. (more…)